Portrait paintings


Our masters do not only teach painting to our students, they also paint on commission.

You, as a client, can request our painter to make a portrait of yourself. (or your beloved one)

It means you come to our studio in Roeselare, and sit for multiple sessions of 3hours. (between 3 and 15 sessions, depending on the size of the painting)
Sitting still is not a problem, since we take very frequent small breaks. Having a self portrait made has never been easier!

This is the old classical way, like how it was done in 19th century.
With classic oil painting, techniques from then, .. no corners can be cut.

The result is a real, unique, one of a kind oil painting, that only you will posses. There will be no copies/prints nor clichés made.

Our painters are not always in Belgium. They live over all of europe, and we select them very carefully.
Therefor there is some waiting time involved, and the planning has to be done carefully.
Only one portrait can be produced per visit to Belgium.

For more information about prices, shedule, or any other questions, email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.